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Scherer Farms, LLC. - 7 Generations of Quality

The farm has been in the family since 1868. Handed down through the generations, the family now working the farm are the seventh generation. Quality is everything and you will know that to be a fact when you take your first bite!

Superior breeding and known blood lines in their stock create a quality product like no other. The current farm owner/operator knows his animals. It's been said that Dale talks Cow!

Seven generations of operational row-crop farming and animal husbandry with each generation having a different focus on improving their products. The current management has 30 years experience in raising the best quality beef available in the marketplace. The farm is well known throughout Scott County and beyond for being the forerunner in advancing agriculture and innovative thinking.  They are a survivor because of this "outside the box" way of thinking and have been able to prosper as a generational mid-sized farm that is sustainable.

The first bull raised on the farm was named "Rastus". He was a 2,700 lb. Limousine that took "Largest Bull" at the Mississippi Valley Fair for 7 years in a row. He was also the breeder of several carcass contest winners, and took over half a dozen Champion and Grand Champion wins across the state of Iowa. Quality means everything in the products they raise. Their focus is on the docility of the herd and providing a far superior product due to their certified all natural, grass fed, grain finished stock. Average herd size is approximately 100 head, but only the top end of the herd is sent to butcher. They take pride today in having a nearly 100% success breeding rate and very few open cows, but are also one of the largest hay producers in Scott County.

Now known as "Scherer Farms, the current owners have the deed history of the land back to when it was originally deeded out of the government's name back in 1847 when it originally became privately owned.

The property is located 1 mile East of the Summit Church as the area around the church is known for being the highest ground around. Ancient Native American Indians once inhabited this ground as proven by state archaeologists in a study that resulted in the identification of artifacts found on the farm that date 4,000 to 13,000 years old. It was believed that the Indians camped on this ground because of it's great vantage point for spotting buffalo.

The original barn that stood on the property was built in 1886, while the original barn has been gone for some time now, the original part of the home built on the homestead is still standing, and was constructed in 1876.

In the 50's the focus was on raising hogs. The herd consisted of imported pure-blood Tamworth hogs from England. Many a fair was dominated by the superior stock and the farm has always been on the cutting-edge of breeding and producing a far superior product to any others available in the area.

In the 1920's, then owner Harold Eckermann named the farm "Goldenrod Farms" due to the fields covered with goldenrod that lined the drive into the farm at that time. Pride in providing the best quality has always been the priority, and the legacy will continue in future generations.

I am just a farmer and a rancher, plain and simple. by Matthew D. Rush

I am just a farmer and rancher, plain and simple. I know the sun better than anyone, and the soil, and the wind, and the rain.

I am the man who works with them, who loves them and who sometimes, fears them.

I am just a farmer and rancher, plain and simple. I am the sower of seeds, the tender of stock and the reaper of harvest. I am sweat and tears and pride. I am the black earth of spring, the green hills of summer, the harvest gold of autumn, and the cold white stillness of winter.

I am just a farmer and a rancher, plain and simple. I live in a complex world made of simple things and they are my source of joy and hope and comfort. I am warm memories of the past, the steely reality of the present and the hopeful dream of the future.

I am just farmer and a rancher, plain and simple. I have savored the breeze off freshly cut hay. I've stirred the soil and in turn it has stirred my soul. I have awed at the first steps of a newborn calf. I have felt the power of a thousand storms and rejoiced in the fresh world left in their wake.

I am just a farmer and a rancher, plain and simple.  I am an accountant, chemist, doctor, midwife, mechanic, seller, trader, buyer, helper, comforter and teacher. I am perseverance, creativity and courage. I am confidence, and ingenuity, and intelligence.

I am just a farmer and rancher, plain and simple. Not a man of riches but a man of great wealth. I have learned to treasure life and all things living, to respect their maker and my own. I am humbled by the earth's bounty and awed by endless rebirth. I am fascinated by the marvelous intricacies of my world and enriched by their beauty.

I am a farmer and a rancher, plain and simple. It is a solitary profession I have chosen or, perhaps, that I have been chosen for. A profession where there are no certainties, where no guarantees are granted, no promises given, no excuses taken but if a man can be truly free, I truly am.

I am just a farmer and a rancher, plain and simple. A seeker of excellence... and I will endure.

© Matthew D. Rush, 2012

1886 Date board out ofthe old barn
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